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LOBSTER CULT MAGAZINE - Jack and Phil call you for submissions!


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Exciting news: Phil and I are starting an online magazine to collect work from exciting and upcoming writers.

Here's what we're planning:

Lobster Cult is a new online fiction and nonfiction magazine intended to showcase the work of young, talented but as yet unknown authors.

Our goal is to publish high-quality creative writing in any form; from the flash fiction story to the novella, and even the novel, we aim to provide readers and writers with a medium through which to discover new voices, for free.

So if you have or are about to publish a novel, we would love to create a special page simply to showcase it. For instance, we know that Richard Thomas, Brandon Tietz and Gordon Highland have or are about to publish a novel. We'll give a link once the homepage is ready.

We are also interested in short stories, flash fiction, novellas from anyone who's interested. The only thing we're not looking for at the moment is poetry.

The email submission address will be posted soon.