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Literature for our Youth

I am making this topic because of a problem I have noticed that I believe we may all be able to help each other with.

The problem is, for those of us with school aged children that are avid readers, or who have friends with these children, or nieces and nephews of the same sort, the curriculum of the school system often fails the minds and needs of our little readers.

For example, I cannot tell you how many time Gabriel has come to me asking for a certain type of book- i.e; he needs a first person narrative where the protagonist has undergone personal transformation and which has never been made into a movie, and which is a certain length page number wise, and which he has never read before, and which is allowed because it will not be a part of future curriculum... and he would like it to be something that is interesting and stimulating insofar as his comprehension level, AND I, as a parent, would like it to be age appropriate.

It is actually very difficult. Just recently I was on the verge of writing his English teacher a rather stern email after racking my brain and coming up with four different suggested books that his teacher all said wouldn't do.

Are you kidding me? I have six hundred books in this house, am a complete book nerd, and nothing I come up with is good enough for you Mr. English Teacher? Tell me... what are parents without books in their home expected to do?

So I think this could be a place for good suggested reading for young adults, whether that be one of our younger members needing recommendations for a book for a class or paper, or one of our parents or other adults that knows a young adult or adolescent looking for suggestions of a a certain type of literature that must meet specific requirements.

Right now, I am looking for a book for my friends twelve year old son. A historical fiction of at least 300 pages that has never been made into a movie and will not be a part of future curriculum. (this is twelve year old that is already tackling The Grapes of Wrath)