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LILY OF THE VALLEY horror/romance. Please help.

Hey folks I'm new here and I'm not intending to spam but this is something I'm proud of and looking to share with people I think may be interested.

I have a comic titled LILY OF THE VALLEY that is competing for a DC COMICS (!!!) contract online.

It's inspired by slasher films, Tim Burton Films, The Cure, and Nick Cave. And the art is inspired by Paul Pope and Jeff Smith among others.

Check it out at [url][/url]

If you like it and would care to see more of it, it really needs your vote to win. It's the only way I can continue it.

If you have a minute to spare, it would mean alot to me if you threw a vote my way.
All you gotta do is sign up (free, and there's no junk mail, it's just to authenticate votes) and vote for LILY OF THE VALLEY!
Even rating it 5 stars, favouriting it, and leaving comments helps.

Voting is from May 4 til the end of the month.


More can be found at