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Hi! I'm Emily and I'm new. I made the account a bit ago but I'm just getting to using it now. I'll be 18 in June and I'm graduating high school this year. I have had many hair colors and I love cats.

My first Palahniuk novel was Fight Club, and unlike most people I did not see the movie first. I instantly fell in love with Chuck's writing style, being a writer myself, and at this point have read all but three of his books (Tell-All, Pygmy, and I'm in the middle of Snuff). My best friend owns all of them and fortunately lets me borrow them when I want.

Aside from Palahniuk, my other passions are filmmaking, music and makeup-design. I go to a high school that is infamous for it's fantastic film program, and I am a well-versed product of that. Over three years of film classes I have learned not only how to analyze films critically but have also learned how to produce my own- from pre-production to post-production.

Last year I worked on my first feature film with my high school (We're the only high school that makes features in the nation). It was a mockumentary on senior year called Prom-icuous. I starred as the awkward plain girl named Julia.

Over the summer I attended Northwestern University as a Film and Video Cherub through scholarships from my high school, and armed with even more knowledge I came pack for my senior year with an idea that packed a real punch. As a result, I was chosen to write this year's feature (I did have a cowriter, he rocks). The film is called Becoming Charlie, I finished writing it about a month ago. Now all we have to do it make it. That's the fun part.

I am a trained vocalist, I've been in honors choirs since I was in fourth grade. I am most comfortable in the soprano range but my range is extensive. I've recorded two cds with my high school choir- one of them a full performance of Orff's Carmina Burana.

If you want to talk about music, movies or Chuck Palahniuk- I am definitely your girl.