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Left 4 Dead is an awesOMG FAST ZOMBIES!!!

love this game. love it love it love it.

but of course there are some problems. one is that the zombies aren't aware enough, as stupid as it sounds. you can go in a room and stand in front of one and it won't even notice you until you shoot it and even sometimes when you shoot it, or even the zombies in the surrounding area, it won't even react. they really need to get on that shit, and maybe make some new content.

which brings me to another problem. Valve has promised new content for the game but in all likelihood they'll screw over the console versions, giving PC owners content for free and making us pay, and that's only IF they release any updates through Xbox Live. I mean, Valve has been saying they're going to release updates for the console version of Team Fortress 2 for over a year now.

makes me wish I had a better computer.