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Learning English


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Ok. So..where to begin. I live in the United States, New York to be exact, and I hate having to press one for English. I also now know how to say, "Press two for Spanish" IN Spanish, and I don't know very much of the language. I'm a little scattered when it comes to explain things, so please stay with me. I'm sure all of you know about illegal aliens coming from Mexico, and taking "the white mans job" blah blah blah. Nobody wants to work those jobs. I certainly wouldn't want to be cleaning for less then two bucks an hour. I have no problem with them working or being in the United States. But fucking learn English!! Too many places cater to these people who are here illegally. If you are going to come to the United States, to an country where English is the dominate language, wouldn't you think it would be of some value to learn the language. Hell, it may even get you a dollar or two more. So the idiots in the White House, as well as some Presidential Candidates, are like "Well, lets deport them, and then charge them 5,000 to get back in the country." No, it's not as simple as that, but it doesn't matter. They are going to flip flop between various ideas for who knows how long. In my opinion, just put up a fucking wall! If they want to come here (which they obviously have the insane and desperate desire to do) then have them come on over. Then take a test like everyone else who is not from this country (which means in taking this test, they know more about this country then the actual born residents do, but that's a whole 'nother issue). Something I believe that they should do following that is make it mandatory that they learn English through a government funded program. Though, I don't think they would ever do that, nor would they ever be able to keep track of the people who don't take it.

I have much to say on this subject. It’s a constant irritant to me.