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Le Cult Menu


Hattie's Salad

1 cup of oyster crackers
1/2 head of iceberg lettuce
15 oz can of chili
copious amounts of alcohol

Line giant salad bowl with leaves of lettuce. Heat up chili in the can eat out of it when ready. Drink the copious amounts of alcohol 'til sick to your stomach. Regurgitate into salad bowl already lined with leaves of lettuce. Sprinkle oyster crackers over the salad and serve. (Please don't be mad at me Hattie, I hope you realize this is all in jest)

Rosiemoonjumper's Wild Rumpus Breakfast

boxes of weetbix
canisters of Milo mix
gallons of milk

Get a kiddie pool fill with gallons of milk. Throw Milo mix in the milk and start a wild rumpus in the kiddie pool. Grab weetbix boxes and crush all the weetbix while roaring and proceed with the wild rumpus. Enjoy!