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The Last Great Cult Novel

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In a active market in the Middle East   Jill’s Tit: You may be wondering how I got to be hanging from a mud house roof inside of this cage. Well… before I get into that let me explain my situation. I am inside this fucking box where I cannot stand up or lay down. I am feed chicken heads and fish gut’s. I do not know the name of this shit country and even if I did I could probably not pronounce it. They sold all my equipments and with My Id’s in it. They stripped me naked and gave me what I think is goat skin wish itches like a mother fucker. I tried to untie the rope that I am hanging from one time. It feels like a week ago. Only God knows how long I been here. And the man shouted at me pointing his sword. Once he had my attention he cut a blacks dogs ball sack right in front of me. The dog ran into the dirt street spilling blood and making the most horrible sound I ever heard. He pointed right back at me and the man laughed. I am scared shitless to try anything. And for some odd reason all this seems to be the fault of an American named Bearchacer.