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Knut Hamsun....

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Hey! :)

I just had to make a new thread on this subject, folks...

I couldn`t help to notice while I was looking through some threads, someone mentioning having bought books by the Norwegian author Knut Hamsun... The titles I have seen mentioned were, I think, "Hunger", "Victoria" and "Growth of the Soil".

I am a Norwegian myself, so as you might understand, I was rather thrilled to see someone mentioning his books.

He is considered by most people to be the greatest Norwegian novelist ever, however his legacy, no matter how great the books he wrote were, has somehow been overshadowed by the fact that before and during the 2nd Word War, he was a Nazi-sympatizer.. or anti-british, as he called it himself...

Still, as far as I`m concerned, his books stand alone, and is beyond doubt some of the finest novels ever to be written...
And another thing one has to take into account when one is to consider this, is the fact that he wrote for a seriously long span of time.. ca. 1890 to 1950..

So, anyway, I was just wondering if anyone here have read anything of his, and if so, what you`re thougts were... did you enjoy? dislike? why? etc.
I have read the first two mentioned here... "Hunger" and " Victoria", which both are from his early "psychological" period.. while I have yet to read "Growth of the Soil" for which he received the Nobel Prize for litterature.

I don`t know which other books tht have been translated to English, but some I know of are "Mysteries", "Pan", On Overgrown Paths" etc.

Yeah... I sure hope to get some comments here.. every opinion counts... Just get loose, people!..

So long... and thanks for all the fish!! :D

Shouts, Johnny...