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Knock Knock

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This cell phone number is all I have of these ass holes.



I was a victim of an ongoing door to door magazine subscription scam. I though I was ordering some magazines as well as helping some competitive young man earn a scholarship. Well, I was definately wrong. I lost 90 dollars. Not that much right? Well, I don't care about the money, but after reading this article I am insanely pissed and looking for answers.



Lone star subscriptions is the "local" name of the company that is running the scam. On a larger scale, the corrupt guys are named All Star Promotions. They own Lone star subscriptions. They are mentioned a couple times in the article above. They are also the ones hiring young men and women for manager and door to door sales positions.



Anyway, back to the cell phone number. The guy that sold me my two fake magazine subscriptions asked to use my phone to make a call because his was out of batteries. I was standing next to him as he dialed the number and put the phone to his ear. I heard him say "I'm going to stay here, there are nice people. I'll get a few more sales and call you back." I think it is a safe assumption to say that this call was made to someone above him in the scam chain.



I went through my cell phone call list on my bill for that month and was able to pin point this number. I ran a reverse cell phone track on it and was able to determine the owner of the phones name. Randy S Vader. He lives in Pilot Point, Texas where All Star Promotions is stationed. I was able to get through the usually impossible customer service line for lone star subscriptions. I asked to speak to Randy Vader. The response I recieved was that he is currently on the road - they asked to take a message. I called the 512 cellular number which brought me to the voicemail of a woman named Jessica. I couldn't understand her last name from the recording. For now, I am assuming she is employed as a salesman and Mr Vader issued her a business phone.



Does anyone know how to obtain any other kind of information from a cell phone number. Who should I contact if I find some good information? District Attorney? Police? Better Business Beureau?


Here are some reports of other people that have been scamed by lone star subscriptions