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I've been a fan of the site for years, just recently (as in about 3 hours ago) figured I'd join
"The Cult"

I couldn't find a search button, do I need glasses?

Anyway, As of late, I'm thinking about one of those Amazon Kindle things. Anyone have one?
I spend about 2 hours a day on a train commuting to and from work, sometimes I just don't feel like whipping out a book, you know?

There is the $400 price tag, but once you have it books are around $10 average. So in about 3 years it will pay for itself? Plus there is something nice about just a book itself, the cover, the pages...that whole book thing.

I'm really up in the air about if you have one lets get some pro's and con's ...

Do these things even work on Macs? If not i'm shit outta luck I guess.