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Kinda New Here

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Hello All

Haven't been on in awhile so I decided to repost about me. I live in New Mexico.  I have been writing tad bits here and there mainly in journals. I want to go beyond that.  I am wanting to make a career out of it someday as well. My english is rusty at best so need help with it. Any advice would be helpful

I am just trying to get some input on writing school. Over the years I have taken courses here and there but never getting the degree. I am looking for either a good On line school or home study. I live in a area(no big city close) were there are no schools. So probably have to be on line or home study(not sure if them are any good). I have been writing off and on for some years, but never taking it to the next level. So my english is really rusty and need a school that teaches a degree that will help me write better. What degrees are out there for writers on line and home study. Please any advice would be great.