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Kill Kill Kill


ok, im doped up now, and stuck in front of the computer.
im going to start to make conversation with me. and you.

join in.

[img] : that Jason Mraz guy is such a little faggot. good lord. 'radio-friendly' music makes me fucking sick. why does my mother refuse to have cable?

[IMG] : youre not on the heroin are you?

[img] : no man, just a tasty cocktail of mersydol, voltaren, chocolate muffins, rich butter and recurring spinal damage. its brilliant.

[IMG] : *when my baby, when my baby is happy, we go to Rio*.... oh, yeah? right on. are you dissapointed no one else makes silly threads like this? i mean-- other than the Knoxville- the lord of the 'new trend' style post. its avatar abuse at its finest.

[img] : wheels, i whole-heartedly agree. now excuse me, i need to puke. brb.