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"Kabuki: The Alchemy" HC by David Mack - Intro by Chuck Palahniuk

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Hey Gang,

So I'm going through old Email (so, so much) trying to get my act together a little better, and I found this note I wrote myself about the book Kabuki: The Alchemy by hyper-amazing artist and writer, David Mack.

The note said simply, "Buy it, dude."

Which of course, I didn't. Yet. Because I forgot about the Email until, well.

Right now.

ANYWAYS, Chuck wrote the introduction to the book. And I don't think it was ever mentioned on here? Does anyone remember otherwise?

If not, here's the Amazon link (maybe a mod can fix it so the Cult gets credit if anyone clicks-through and buys it):

Hope everyone is doing well. I plan on being "more back" here in the very near future.