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Just one more newbie ...


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Hello everyody!
I 'm going to introduce myself : I am a 17-years old French girl. I really enjoy reading Chuck P's books. As for a lot of other people, I discovered him with Fight Club, the movie. It was a real schock for me. Yes, it was 5 in the morning and during all day long I was trying to understand it. Now it's okay ( actually 6 years later ... it's better).
I am not going to add a lot of other things now. I just apologise in advance if I don't speak correctly.My English way of speaking is very schoolish and sometimes (ok, a LOT of time), wrong. If there are other French people around here, let me know, it could be interesting to speak together in our mother tongue (not about carpets, of course, but about Chuck P's works) .
Well , that's it...I think ... I'm a little bit warped but I hope you will not notice it ...And I m not going to pretend to have a lot of style in my way of seeing things around me. I leave this to the others... :D