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Just finished it

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Anyway so yeah. I think it's very close to being his best book out of what i've read (Fight Club will always be a favorite to me). Holy shit these characters are insane.

Let's summarize all the great plot twists....

[B][FONT=Century Gothic][SIZE=7]SPOILERS!!!![/SIZE][/FONT][/B]

[COLOR=DarkSlateGray]1) Shannon shot her own jaw off
2) Brandy Alexander is actually Shannon's brother
3) Evie was a man too
4) Evie and Brandy were friends a long time ago
5) Manus slept with all of them and cheated on all of them
6) Manus is gay
7) Brandy knew all along that Shannon was his sister and just acted like he didn't know[/COLOR]

Anything else? Just a great book.