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Just finished Invisible Monsters

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I just got back from my 2nd tour in Iraq, where I kind of developed a sicker, darker sense of humor than I had before. I saw my friend reading this book shortly after we returned and I asked him about it, because I like books, too. He said that it was absolutely his most favorite book of all time, and that he had read it word for word his senior year in high school and had done so again three times since and was doing so again now. So, that is probably about as big a recommendation as you can get. He said that it was sick and dark to go with my newly acquired sense of humor, so he said I should read it ASAP. So I picked it up at a bookstore when I went home to Utah for the Christmas break. I was in the middle of editing my own first novel, so I didn't get around to reading it until just a few days ago. I have to say that this is now is also "one of my most favorite books of all time."

Spoilers follow!

This is when I literally gasped:

When it was revealed that Manus and Seth were one and the same
When it was revealed that Brandy and Shane were one and the same
When it was revealed that Evie was a transsexual

This was when I cringed

Anytime Shannon's parents would talk engage in nasty sex talk
When it was revealed that Manus had sex with Shane/Brandy when their father was being accused of beating him

This is when I cried "Oh, COME ON!"

When it was revealed that Brandy and Evie knew everything all along
When it was revealed that Shannon shot her own jaw off

I say that if a novel can do those three things (1. Gasp, 2. Cringe, and 3. Cry "Oh, COME ON!) then it is definitely worth my time and money. Those three things are what I can define as having a completely unique experience.

So I say "Huzzah for Invisible Monsters!"

Which CP novel do you people recommend for next?