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Just finished House of Leaves..

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I'm aware there have been past threads on this, but I only found one thread discussing the book, and it was more asking if a lot of people have read it, rather than the plot itself and what everyone thought of it.. With in the thread I found a lot of people bitching telling the topic starter to research more before posting a topic on the book.. but, as I said before, didn't find don't slay me for not searching.


First off, the ending.. WTF?! Did it just not have an end? I mean I'm fine with unclear endings..but it was kind of ridiculous.. I think the Navidson record part ended fine.. with the explorations and then the Karen interview.. but the Johnny was just so vague..And how was Navidson reading the house of leaves? Trippy and deep or..just plain weird?

Secondly, the switching between Johnny and The Navidson Record itself.. really took away from both stories.. Instead of finding equal interest in both, or even more interest in one "story" than the other, I just found myself skimming through parts that seemed like babble.. The shifting between footnotes containing a paragraph of random names and publications, then a paragraph of Johnnys thoughts then three or four random citations, then stuck in the middle will be another of Johnnys stories just killed any kind of rhythm so it made me want to skim rather than read every word.. am I just lazy? perhaps..

The constant switching between stories, and footnotes and more stories with out build up or detail left the characters very thin to me and it felt as if Danielewski tried too hard to be unconventional that it took away from the plot..

But lastly, I do respect the fuck out of Danielewski for the intricacies, details and the complexities.. Indexes full of poems and letters are beautiful displays of creativity and a knack for detail.. I get that it wasn't a traditional novel, and I don't regret reading it.. The mythology with the minotaur and echo, and watching Johnny lose grip on reality and even the whalestone letters were brilliant but it just didn't tie together for me..