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Journal you can submit to!

Hey all, I'm not sure if this is a journal many Cultists would be interested in publishing in, but I happen to be involved in Interstice, a college-based journal in South Texas (I'm managing editor or something like that). That doesn't mean I make decisions, because we have other editors who cast votes on submissions so I don't want to guarantee publication, just to encourage you to submit!

The deadline is Nov. 30, so if you have something sitting around and don't plan to publish it in a big-time journal but you think it's worth sending somewhere, please submit by sending me up to 3 texts (poems or stories), at

One word of caution: since it's a college-sponsored journal, it doesn't tend to publish very overtly sexual (in language or content) stories. Or overly violent. I'd say sexual content can be there but minimal, and violence, medium (I'm trying to give you an idea).

You wouldn't get money for publishing in it, but you'd get a free copy. We publish about 600 copies and it comes out once a year.
You can look the journal up, and check out the guidelines at