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Johnny Cash - Hurt (NIN Cover)

I'm pretty sure we have some other Nine Inch Nails fans out there... Johnny Cash recently covered Nine Inch Nails [i]Hurt[/i] for his latest album, it is is probablly the best cover of a NIN song I have ever heard, including the NIN tribute albums. you can either buy the latest johnny cash album for it, or find it on your favorite peer-2-peer software.

on a sidenote mark romanek the director of nine inch nails videos closer and the perfect drug (also the movie 1 hour photo with robin williams) has released on his website the video he directed for Johnny Cash's cover of Hurt. you can download it here: [url][/url].

the video is shot extremely well, showing an aging Cash reliving some of his past and realizing that it will all end soon... another damn good video from Romanek.