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je m'appelle DP. je suis nouveau.

as i understand it, i need to announce myself here or be subjected to the lashings of the senior denizens. consider this a formal introduction, though i do intend to receive several lashings eventually anyway. :spank:

my name is david. i'm 25.

i'm from los angeles.

i've been reading mr. palahniuk's pretty prose since [U]choke[/U] came out.

i'm a former bookseller & "corporate sales rep." for a soulless corporate (redundant?) bookstore. i now work graveyard at a facility for juvenile delinquents which is much less annoying and infinitely more fulfilling. go figure.

while working at the aforementioned bookstore, a former coworker and i constantly made endcaps of artists we liked, many of which featured various palahniuk books.

i, along with said coworker, assured yet another coworker that, despite how hip it is to (pretend to) read palahniuk's books at our store, they were actually good. ironically, it was that coworker who encouraged me to join the cult "because (i'm) such an :asshole2: ." (i know it was meant to be taken lovingly, erica.)

i actually signed up for this site while waiting around at the [U]rant[/U] signing in pasadena at vroman's.

if there's anything else you'd care to know, feel free to contact me, though i'm sure no one else could possibly give a flying fuck about some pompous douchebag who announces himself in french.