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January "2oo5" C.E. - ?What Are You Reading?


Well, here we are: Need New Calendar time...

When I originally suggested breaking the What Are We Reading stuff into a monthly, it was, I think, originally because long-ass threads can be intimidating and if we were trying to be enticing to any new people, a shorter thing may be moreso.
Plus I thought it would act as a nice archive for people to sift back to when maybe looking of some recommendations, as a few times a month a little off-shoot of a semi-conversation ensues.
But I now see that they aren’t being achieved, the threads just kind of die out with time.
Not that it’s big deal, I guess.

Anyway, feel free to suggest *not* maintaining the monthly and just letting the thread go on forever, if you wish.

I finished Haruki Murakami’s _Kafka on the Shore_ (2005) [_Umibe no Kafuka_ (2002) for the Japanese…] and really, really enjoyed it.

Not sure what I’ll move onto (or back into) next…