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James Ellroy; Writing Style

I've been making a load of threads recently, it feels. But I sort of feel like none of them are the usual bollocks, and they're more questions I actually want answers to, unlike perhaps posting a message about downing street.

Anyway, I was wondering what you people felt about Ellroy's writing style. It's odd. When I started reading L.A. Confidential, it was a bit of a pain to get used to. The first pargraph is:

James Ellroy, "L.A. Confidential" wrote:
An abandoned auto court in the San Berdoo foothills; Buzz Meeks checked in with ninety-four thousand dollars, eighteen pounds of high-grade heroin, a 10-gauge pump, a .38 special, a .45 automatic and a switchblade he'd bought off a pachuco at the border - right before he spotted the car parked across the line: Mickey Cohen goons in an LAPD unmarked, Tijuana cops standing by to bootjack a piece of his goodies, dump his body in the San Ysidro River.

I mean, that right there is full of slang and words I'm not familiar with, "pachuco", "Tijuana cops", which I'm assuming are slang, as well as the names which are all a little odd to me, probably due to not being acquainted with the area. It almost reads like a film script. Personally, I like it. I've stopped reading L.A. Confidential, under the good advice of Mr. Tireur, and I'm settling into The Black Dhalia first, and then The Big Nowhere. The prose in The Black Dhalia is mostly the same, though.

What're everyone elses opinions on him?

P.S. I'm still pretty much infatuated with cops and smoking and post-war american films. If anyone's got any recommendations, PM them to me. I'll be grateful.