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I've got books, you've got books...see where this is going?

So my favorite thing about this place is the fact that not only does everybody here actively read, most members will actually bend over backwards to make sure someone else can enjoy a great book. In that spirit, I'd like to propose a trade amongst the cult.

Here's the deal, I rescued all three copies of Kockemstiff I found in the bargain bin at Books-a-Million and I'd like to send them out to somebody here who'd read them (well two now and the other when I get done reading it) in exchange for any good book you think I might like to read. I also have a few other books I've read and enjoyed, and now would like to pass on for somebody else to enjoy, etc... Here's the list of what I have at the moment to send (sorry I can only ship within the U.S. only for the time being):

- Knockemstiff by Donald Ray Pollock (two copies, 1st Ed. hardback for anybody who cares about that)
- Brightness Falls by Jay McInerney (if you like B.E.E you might like this one too!)
- The Secret History by Donna Tartt (Mirka sent me this one in an exchange a while back and I read it in two sittings! Another great one by an author with ties to B.E.E)
- The Raw Shark Texts by Steven Hall (You just have to read this one, that's all I can say)

This is open to anybody who wants to participate, just comment here in the thread and PM me an address to send whichever book to. I'm sure this kind of thing has been done here and I'm sorry if this is a repeat thread, but if anybody else wants to throw in some books for exchange, I'd love to see this thing grow.