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It's A tuesday, you go the a bar, order a drink and a horse sits down next to you

Dont worry kids I am back. I took a break from reality. Plus not having a working computer didnt help.
Maybe this should be in pointless announcments.But I have so much to catch up on.
Is Tuffy still alive? Is Chuck Still gay? Did I miss any good dress down threads?
Long story short I just moved to SW Portland with my friend Tyler and my lady friend April.
And I know your wondering who April is, what happened with Xia, and where Cassie went.
Cassie went on her roadtrip. We are still friends and talk
Xia is still a crazy bitch and likes to try to do crazy bitch stuff.
I went sober for a month by choice and drink less now
April is, well she is April. Super sweet, cute, nice. Makes me food all the time and drinks.
We met through a mutual friend, She was living in LA. Was moving to Portland and the girl who introduced us was going to get a place with her. long story short Heather went crazy, April already dropped her lease and I needed to move to. Tyler needed roomates.
And its the best thing to happen in my life so far.