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It turns out i loathe butterscotch

i was trying to avoid doing this but i guess its only appropriate
i was hoping i could just sneek in unnoticed.

hello cool kids. my name is Jeremiah.

i started reading Chucks books in January 09 when my new years resolution was to feel one of the shelves on my book shelf with nothing but new books by the end of the year. which i pretty much accomplished. the first two books were lullaby and choke which a friend recomended. since then i've become a huge a fan.

my other favorite authors right now are david sedaris and michael chabon.

i live in florida. i hate florida.

favorite band is mew.

i have a really shitty desk job as financial manager in the Air Force. buts its better than getting shot at.

i'm 22 with a 2 year old son and baby girl on the way.

and i hate introducing myself.