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Hello all.  I have prodded this site a few times and have decided to invest some of myself into it.Am I writer? No, not even close.  Do I occasionally transcribe a collection of thoughts on a piece of paper? Sometimes.Why did I join this site?  The main source of motivation was due to my affinity for Palahniuk’s work.  Duh. I know.  Can I elaborate on the previous statement and maybe write something interesting? Palahniuk’s writings inspire me to investigate the darker corners of life.  I mean this both figuratively and metaphorically with respect to myself and to others.  I think it is so interesting and fulfilling to dredge up the scars, imperfections and small triumphs of life and draw anything from it even if it is just a short cynical chuckle.  I lead a fairly safe and comfortable life.  Exploring this type of content and even just the act of creative writing in general would definitely fall outside my comfort zone.  Having said that, there is something very natural about it to me as well.  Then again, maybe I am just another board person surfing the net, but I look forward to interacting with you all.