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I've never bothered with a newbie section on a forum before, but I guess there's a first time for everything.
I'm Elizabeth or Lizzie (whichever you prefer) and I live in Bristol, UK. Obviously I love Chuck Palahniuk and predictably I want to be a writer. I'm an Atheist and I have quite a large interest in philosophy. I'm pretty into music and play double bass, bass guitar, piano and I can sing. I'm currently completely addicted to Hopipolla by Sigur Ros. Naturally, I adore the English language. Oh and I'm vegetarian. This feels horrifically predictable and boring, for which I apologize.

Anyway, in short, Chuck Palahniuk's been one of my favourite if not my favourite author for quite a while now as I'm guessing is the same for the most of you, but for some unkown reason I didn't think of joining 'The Cult' before now.