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Interesting interview with artists of FIGHT CLUB 2 about working with Chuck

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Came across this interview with Cameron Stewart and David Mack, who are the artists working on Fight Club 2:

Some of my favorite quotes:
"Chuck has input on every phase of the process; on every level his input is there."

"He’s already done it as a book, so he felt like even though it’s a sequel perhaps it would be interesting and challenging to do it in a new format. It’s been a book, it’s been a film, and maybe this was something he could learn in the process, to do it in comic book storytelling. He just mixed and matched all that feedback in his own Chuck Palahniuk way."

"The twists and turns are just primo artifacts of Chuck Palahniuk’s brain material."

"It’s as much a sequel to the story as it is a comment on the reaction to the original Fight Club and how it has been received in popular culture. I think it’s Chuck’s reflections on all of that."

I think the whole interview is definitely worth a read though.