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i read my first Chuck Palahniuk about 3 years ago. I fell in love with his writing instantly. It may seem weird to say, but his writing is so beautiful, so intense that it hurts to read. I have since read all of his books...and each time I knew this was the work of the most talented writer i may ever have the pleasure of experiencing. He is my first inspiration, as a writer, and a person I consider so unique and indescribable. His work is brilliant.

This site is somewhat overwhelming, getting the chance to meet people who respect the words that he writes as much as I do. Hopefully meeting people who will inspire and critique and give me some amazing I do not have many people who believe in writing, words, the quality of creating something so amazing you sit and just try to comprehend once you have read it. Im not quite sure what else to say that someone else has not already said, or thought, or spoke...