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[I]Cult Community[/I],

Let me first begin with who I am and why I'm here.

My name is Shon Harris and I'm a high school Sophmore in Vancouver, WA. Last year I joined my school's Gay-Straight-Alliance and since then have been an activist in my community. Our GSA was invited to Nike's HQ in Portland last year where we met dozens of other GSAs from Southern Washington and Northwest Oregon. During this visit at Nike, we were given an award for being the largest Gay-Straight Alliance in Southern Washington & NW Oregon with a total of 50 members active.

Since this realization of how large we really were, we've been trying to plan something to enrich our community. To do we planned events such as a [I]'Religion Forum'[/I] which consisted of an assortment of religious leaders gathering at our school to have a large discussion and answer our questions. Atop of our 50 GSA members, we also had 20+ students and staff at the forum. After this success we've begun planning on a second Religious Forum this year, as well as a Political Forum where we will invite Mayors and Respresenitives.

Now that you have an idea of who I am and what I am a part of, here's my reason for being here. Our GSA wishes to bring something to our not only our high school, but our community that will provoke thought while also showing that the gay-community is also a productive one in America. Since our entire purpose is to end persecution while also bringing more thought and tolerance (rather than forcing acceptance), we thought of inviting a guest. Chuck Palahniuk, naturally, was the first name that came to my mind. He is an author that is known by student and staff alike, who also lives just a city away (literally 30 minutes), and is also homosexual himself. We would like to invite Chuck Palahniuk to our high school to speak an assembly of student and staff, hosted by our GSA. The aim for this is to show that homosexuals can be out and still successful in life, as well as to bring our school and community together.

Compared to most high schools in the area, ours is tolerant and accepting. We in the GSA believe that if Chuck Palahniuk were to attend one of our assemblies as a guest, we could show those who are afraid of their own sexuality that you be something in life no matter what orientation you are. Mr. Palahniuk is an inspiring personality and I know if we could contact him in some way and he were to attend, it would be a great moral booster for our high school and community.

If there is any way I can contact Chuck Palahniuk about this topic please notify me. This is not a scam in any way, shape or form, simply a teenager in his community trying to make something great. Again, my name is Shon Harris of Vancouver, Washington (just a single bridge north of Portland).
If you need to contact me my email is: [email][/email]

Thank you all in advance for cooperating and helping me try to build something good for my community.

-Shon Harris