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IMPORTANT: December Book Club Pick Announced...


OK, time to get this thing started with a classic pick, The Man Who Fell In Love With The Moon by Tom Spanbauer. Tom, as most of you may know is Chuck's mentor and former writing teacher, and this is his classic book.

According to the jacket, "The Man Who Fell in Love with the Moon_ is an American epic of the old West for our own times -- a novel huge in its imaginative scope and daring in its themes.The narrator is Shed, or Duivichi-un-Dua, a half-breed bisexual boy who makes his living at the Indian Head Hotel in the little turn-of-the-century town of Excellent, Idaho. The imperious Ida Richilieu is Shed's employer, the town's mayor and the mistress, and the mistress and owner of this outrageously pink whorehouse. Together with the beautiful prostitute Alma Hatch, and the philosophical, green-eyed, half-crazy cowboy Dellwood Barker, this collection of misfits and outcasts make up the core of Shed's eccentric family. And although laced with the ugliness and cruelty of the frontier West -- Shed is raped by the same man who then murders the woman he thinks is his mother, and the Mormon townspeople bring a fiery end to Ida's raucous way of life -- the love and acceptance that tie this family together provide the true heart of this novel. The Man Who Fell in Love with the Moon_ is a beautifully told, mythic tale that is as well a profound meditation on sexualty,race and man's relationship to himself and the natural world."

Now, as this is the first pick, it will be a little haphazard, since it is the pick for december AND being announced in December. Moving forward, I plan to announce the next book on the 15th of each month, so that there is a time built-in to read the book to get everyone up to speed to discuss it.

In addition, I just spoke to Tom and we will be featuring an interview with him on the site next weekend, so be sure to look out for that, as well.

So, there you have it. Hope this book finds a few fans this month.