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The Implacable Order of Things - Book Club December '10

December's book pick is The Implacable Order of Things (also known as Blank Gaze) by Jose Luis Peixoto. It was recommended by Phil and he will also be the discussion leader.

I honestly don't know much about the book. But from the description, it sounds intriguing. Phil says it's great and he has pretty good taste. So I have no problems with trusting his judgment on this.

Here's the description from amazon.

product description wrote:
In an unnamed Portuguese village, against a backdrop of severe rural poverty, two generations of men and women struggle with love, violence, death, and—perhaps worst of all—the inescapability of fate.

A pair of twins conjoined at the pinky, a 120-year-old wise man, a shepherd turned cuckold by a giant, and even the Devil himself make up the unforgettably oddball cast of The Implacable Order of Things. As these lost souls come together and drift apart, José Luís Peixoto masterfully reveals the absurd, heartbreaking, and ultimately bewitching aspects of human nature in a literary performance that heralds the arrival of an astoundingly gifted and poetic writer.

I'll be ordering this in the next day or two. (The end of November really snuck up on me.)

Get to reading.