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I'm writing a novel - what I have is unproofed. Is anyone keen to read?


I'm writing what I think is turning out to be a pretty solid novel, but I've only had the opportunity to show it to some friends and colleagues. More importantly, I've only shown it to people who are from where I live, which I feel might make them more inclined to appreciate it for its local authenticity.

So I'd like someone out there on the internet to read my unproofed first part and plot outline. It's a sort of philosophical sci fi novel, set in South Africa. 21 pages of actual plot, and another 16 worth of plotpoints.

If I come across as a little new to this, it's because I am. What are the risks of showing it off to people I don't know, if one of you delightful forumites responds and I'm taken enough with you to show it off? :D

Appreciate any input.