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I'm new. Hello.

Howdy. I'm a kiddo from Israel, 14 years old. I pretty much heard of Mr. Palahniuk through the Panic At the Disco song. Sad, I know. That was... one year, two years, three years ago? Can't remember. I only got into reading recently. This year, actually. After I heard The Catcher In The Rye (From my own will). From there I moved towards Catch-22, Slaughterhouse-Five, As I Lay Dying and more stuff. Somewhen I looked up Palahniuk again and when I discovered he wrote Fight Club I got interested. I didn't watch the movie back then, but I heard of it. I decided to read the book. Had to buy it because no Palahniuk is in our library (Bad selection they got for English). I read it, loved it. I got hooked on it. I also saw the movie after reading and enjoy the soundtrack. Right now I'm reading Choke. Bought it two days ago (After I've convinced my mom, since one time she didn't agree. Haha).

Whoo, that was long. Ok. So, I'm normal, I guess. I read mostly novels in English. Stuff I'd like to check is more Vonnegut and Heller, and see what Easton Ellis can offer. I'm also an Anime fan, mostly of cute ones. I love music. A lot of it. Oh, and -haha!- I have no one around who reads in English. It's pretty annoying.

Everything I wrote can be summed up in this: "I'm new and I hope you accept me and stuff."