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I'm Joe's Worst Introduction Ever

Time for introductions.

Hi, I'm Zenit. I'm a writer.

I am supposed to be a writer -one of the bad kind; not like Will McGonagall but close. I guess it'll pass with time as I learn from all my errors and short stories. Wrote a novelette called "United We Stand", which from my family's critique had an air of an anarchist pamphlet. Unfortunately in Spanish, so I won't share it unless you're a fluent Spanish speaker interested in third class narrative.

Yes, I'm bilingual. You will probably hear this from people who either have enough spare time to learn foreign languages or foreigners who have to learn English because it's the 20th century lingua franca (Chinese will take over eventually, you know). My case is the second one.

I can't join the Workshop. I guess I'll have to ask for help anywhere else, or to somebody here.

And yes, I write in this poor pretentious copy of Chuck's style because of Fight Club.

I love-hate Chuck Palahniuk. Love him, because it's the kind of style I like: simple, clear, understandable, powerful. Hate him, because I'd like to have my own style back -in spite of all that of "having one's own style is overvalued".

I don't overvalue my own style. I take overvaluing it to the next level.

But Chuck has swallowed up, digested and dumped that. I'll get over it, but right now I can't stop writing like this.

This is my story.

Now it's time for guided meditation.