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I'm going to need an editor/cowriter/collaborator/whatever sometime in the future.

ugh, I feel embarrassed even asking this but here it goes:

I'm writing a script right now. I only have 17 pages so far. I've outline the whole thing but I'm a slow and lazy writer so it's going to take me awhile to finish it, maybe months, maybe a year.

I can already tell it's not going to be very good. It will also be short too. It has potential, I can tell. I'm sure it could be something great int he hands of an actual screenwriter, one who knows what s/he's doing and has been doing it for years.

I'm none of the above so of course the final product is going to read like it was written by someone who doesn't know whats/he's doing and hasn't been doing it for very long or ever.

what I need is someone who has a lot of free time and knows script format (I pretty much got the EXT/INT thing down) and is a somewhat competent writer, someone who knows good grammar and composition. (I think of myself as a decent writer but I sometimes find it hard expressing ideas and actions clearly without rambling on). maybe some ideas too to flesh out the story so it could at least be considered a feature length project.

keep in mind anything you add to the script, even if it's a couple of lines, will earn you credit, and in the unlikely chance money is made off the script, you'll get a percentage.