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I'm fat, staple my stomach please?

Ever since the introduction of gastric bypass, it seems like a healthy lifestyle and exercise are no longer needed as it is much simplier to undergo the knife and staple your stomach instead. According to [URL=]this article[/URL], this procedure is on the rise especially in teens. Physicians are even agreeing that it is much easier for them to do so in their teens rather than later "instead of trying 20 years of diet and exercise."

So it's not a good thing to eat well and exercise at least 30 mins a day, every other day?

And what about this?

Surgeons generally agree that adults with a body mass index greater than 40 (about 80 to 110 pounds overweight, depending on height) qualify for surgery. But there are no uniform standards for adolescents

So what, because some one is obese this is a much better way because it's "quick and easy"? Teen bodies are unstable, esp with "baby fat" and all. I mean I know people who lost a lot of weight after purberty. Wouldn't this be a rash decision if someone choose to undergo said surgery?

Instead of employing a technological fix (in this case surgery) which is a temporary band-aid solution to a much larger social problem, shouldn't steps be taken to educate and encourage discourse in this community about a healthier lifestyle and exercise? A cultural sociological fix is essentially better than the technological fix, although it does take longer to see changes.