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"I'm drunk and cold and lost."

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So I was at a police memorial benefit last night in downtown Chicago. It was a very nice memorial and had a great time with coworkers and other coppers from around Chicago and the Chicagoland area. Needless to say I had way to much to drink and am paying for it now.

I blacked out last nght apparently right after I decided to go to the bathroom. What I remember is very vague. I recall walking around the hotel looking for the ballroom I was in but for some reason I zigged when I should have zagged and couldn't find anyone. I'm pretty sure I walked thru another ballroom that was being broken down (stacking chairs and removing tables). I know I walked thru a kitchen and even used an elavator. I do recall being outside walking to where I thought my buddy parked. I was wrong and got even more lost. I ended up being about 3 blocks away from where the hotel was.

Again I blacked out and I may or may not have waved down a ridden a taxi. I think I did but didn't really go anywhere to be charged because I had the same amount of cash on me this morning that I had last night. I finally decided to call someone and ask where they were. They asked me where I was and from what I was told I said, "I dunno. I'm drunk and cold and lost." By they I mean guys from work. I remember being on the phone and ran to the corner to see where I was. "Congress and Wabash!" I yelled in the phone. They said I was told how to get back but that I wasn't getting it. I hung up on them in frustration and called my cousin and he was able to find me and take me home.
Apparently I had adrunk makeout with this dark haired cutey who was there. To bad I can't recall that either. Guys at work thought I left with this chick so they didn't bother looking for me.
Damn I am laughing at this now, but I hate getting so drunk that I can't recall what happened and feel like an ass the next day when people tell me stuff I did the night before.
Anybody have any blackout incidents resulting from too much booze intake?