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I'm Baaaaaaack!


hola my fair children!
fear not!
stop crying! -
The Rubster is indeed back in town. i was off for about a week cuz i left school/had my prom/got fucking rat arsed and im all a bit confused as to what's happening on the board. the name changing thread - 101 pages:eek:! i wish i could bear to read them all. and this legally tyler person has (i think) more posts than me. scandalous stuff. and what's happened to the high school yearbook awards? and the great mixtape exchange??

aaarghh help me, i cant read a whole weeks worth of posts now, as i am still slightly stoned.

"wicked innit"

#safe. bo selector.

ok this is my first trash thread so im entitled to be feeling a bit nuts.

ooh glad the gay-o-ometer thread is still up there. does me proud. i'd like to thank the academy....*weeps*