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Illegal drugs, Medieval armor

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[b]Illegal drugs:[/b] Not only have I ingested nitrous oxide, methamphetamine, LSD, MDMA, 2c-t7, 5-meo DMT, salvia divinorum, PCP and a grip of recreational pharamaceuticals and some other stuff I can't remember--I also moderate on [url][/url] . I know a former meth cook, two full-time drug dealers, and three heroin addicts, one who prostitutes herself for smack. I've overdosed on meth and PCP, and I'm currently clean 'cept for coffee and cigarettes. I don't even drink regularly--I have what you would call an addictive personality.

Although I would never break the law by manufacturing an illegal drug, I know how to, have a good idea where you would need to go to get the precursors and stuff you need, and your likelihood of getting away with it without chemical burns or prison time.

No, really, I'm clean--I'm just a research junkie :)

[b]Medieval Armor:[/b] Well, no one's going to ask this since there's a serious lack of any historical/high fantasy/sword & sorcery stuff in the workshops (which doesn't bother me that much). Anyway--I've made chainmail armor off and on since 1997 and I have a pretty solid research knowledge of all those funny medieval names for plate armor components, what you'd need to make it, how much it weight, what you can and can't do in armor...

I have some minor knowledge on non-european armor, but I can't keep all those Japanese armor terms straight since I don't know the language.

My knowledge does extend to general metalworking--blacksmithing, welding, all that fun stuff that involves steel, fire and something heavy.

Hey, no one'll ask armor questions, but I'm just making myself available...