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If Bush Was Murdered...

Mods can delete or move this as you see fit, if necessary...

Despite where you live (in the US or another country), I'm wondering how would you feel, exactly, if Bush was assassinated JFK style? I mean, how would you [B]really[/B] feel?

Would you cry, or cheer? Would you say "that sucks" and move on, or would you linger on the topic? Would you feel a wave of sadness for the loss of human life, but since you (maybe) don't like Bush anyway, deep in your mind, not your heart, you'd (maybe) be kind of happy? How would you feel?

As for me, I wouldn't exactly cheer. I wouldn't be proud or anything of the person who did it. My brain would say, I guess, it's a step in the right direction politically. The assassin would probably be jailed, tortured and executed. I wouldn't approve of the assassin's actions or anything, I don't pray Bush drops dead every night... but I would hope that the US would get a better, more efficient president that would be instated and fix this fuckin' mess.

Anyway... how would you guys feel if he was actually murdered?