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Idea for the book.

Wrote this letter to Chuck. However, I realized that I do not know where to send it.
So leave it here, hoping that one day he will see it.
(sorry for my english)

Dear Chuck,

I'm just a guy from Russia and a big fan of your work.
Recently, when I had lunch of rabbit soup, I came up with the idea of the book.
And I realized that such a book could be written only one person in the world.
It's you.
Perhaps you come like a million emails every day.
However, I have little hope that you are all the same read this.

I will try to short.
Roman (story) of the person (perhaps the story from his name), who
a foodie (chef) and tried different dishes.
Once he kitchen knife accidentally cut off his finger. Then decides to cook it and eat it.
And after this incident to his life is to eat yourself as much as possible.
I imagined more, but, i am sure, you will succeed much cooler.

I suggested that Stephen King's novel about a Autocannibalism.
But, sure, it's still an inexhaustible subject.
And in any case I would be happy know what you think about it.

Best regards, Sergey.