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I Will Not Stand For This Snickerdoodle

Fuck you: Democrats, Republicans, Socialists, Anarchists, anyone in between, Barack Obama, George Bush, George Clooney, Scientology, Atheism, Buddhism, Catholicism, Islam-ism, Sects, Culties, Abortion, Contraception, Labor, Babies, Oxygen, Umbilical Cords, Ambulances, Roads, Hospitals, Schools, Playgrounds, Posh Shopping Centers, Other Schools, Cubicles, Mirage, Sexual Lubricants, Retirement, Disney Land, American Broadcasting Company, Glenn Beck, Keith Olbermann, Funerals, RIAA, thepiratebay, Glue, Scissors, Paper, Rock, Container Ships, Fiber Optic Communication, Astronauts, Sobriety, Alcohol, Smoke, Marijuana, Heroin, Methadone, Clean Needles, Riddlen, Newscorp, Telephones, Neighbors, War, Ambiance, Minimalism, Southern Sri Lanka, Weapons, Peace, Harmony, Chaos, Indigenous Tribes of the Amazon, Inuits, Driving on Either Side of the Road, Merging Lanes, Rusted Spinner Rims, Minimal Wage, Stock Options, Nostalgia, Television, Thirsty Aborigines, Sleepy Accountants, Corporate Loyalty, More Cubicles, Vertical Mobility, Smoke Stacks, Pollution, Trees, Earth, Dirt on Our Hands, Soap, Water Showers, Salad, Maximum Security Prisons, Secrets, Encryptions, Scaffolding, Facades, Swearing in Thread Titles, Myself, You, and Starfish.

I've said all I needed to say.