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I wanted a Wii and my boyfriend came home with a Playstation 2

So last week my boyfriend came home with a 2nd hand slimline Playstation2 (£20).

Initially I was cross as we were going to buy a Wii, but upon researching, I was pleased to read that they still make some Playstation2 games, being the most successful selling console of all time...or whatever.

Anyway, seeing as the Playstation2's here to stay, if anyone's got any game or gadget recommendations let me know. I generally like games where I can relieve my anger management problem.

So far we've bought:

  • Return to Castle Wolfenstein 2
  • Time Crisis 2
  • My boyfriend also bought some boring car game I'll probably never touch...

I also like more light-hearted stuff and definitely intend to buy The Sims...