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I Want To Read

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I'm an avid reader. Or at least I like to think I am. But lately I haven't read a single thing. Well I have, but not out of choice. I think my english class turned off reading. The only things I've been reading was for english. And none of it has been good. We just finished Othello, and we now we are doing poetry. I haven't nothing against Shakespeare. I liked the Tempest and Macbeth, neutral on Romeo and Juliet, but Othello sucked. He's not a bad writer. He's just not a relevant one. It didn't help that Othello was he worse piece of writing. Poetry. I'm just not a poetry type of person. Nothings been awful, but nothings been good. Though my term 'awful' has been totally changed after I read the most horrible book imaginable. A Farewell to Arms. Hemmingway can't write. I think his first drafts of his book go something like this; war bad. Girl good. Booze better. Except without periods. Hemmingway's books are so bad they open the gates of hell. There not satanic, no. But they're so horrible that Satan himself opens a hellmouth right below the book to destroy it so he never has to hear it again. Daniel Steel has better writing style and Ayn Rand has superior character depth. Yes I just went there. The last stuff I read that was any good was Matthew Good's Manifesto(check it out here: But I finished reading that months ago. Well all the good stuff anyways. But this is really annoying. I have three books that I bought that I haven't read, because I'm afraid of reading; war bad. Girl good. Booze better. Yet I know it won't. Well for two of three I know. The other one I can only suspect. But I'm doubtful Philip K. Dick writes anything like Hemmingway. All I want to do is read a good book but Hemmingway ruined it for me. My final exam is on the 22nd, and by final exam, I mean final. I'm done with school. Well high school anyway. But I want to read. I need to read. Has Hemmingay been so bad that I can't read ever again?