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I Want to Learn to Surf Internationally

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We really need a Travel forum.

Anyway I decided that I'm going to save up my tip money so I can take a trip somewhere outside of the states. It's been too long not being able to go on these amazing trips for some reason or another. I missed out on going to Europe, Cancun, and Thailand and now I have a passport that is going to expire soon.

International culties, there are a few of you I would like to visit but I want to see who is up for the challenge of being my tour guide.

I want to have a genuine experience of the culture through a resident's perspective and not a tourist's.

Post your applications here. Also if you don't live outside of the states but would want to travel with me somewhere can apply as well. (You can post here for fun to play out what a trip with me would be like but I am definitely planning a trip)