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I think it's time for another exchange.

Does anyone think it's too soon? Speak up if you do! But I've been accumulating things since the pen exchange and I really want an excuse to send them to one of you! I was thinking of splitting the things up and sending them to a few people, but I don't want anyone to feel left out, so here we are! We could do another pen exchange, as that one seemed to be a big hit, or we could do something different. I don't know if everyone loves notebooks and journals as much as I do, but I adore them, so we could do a journal/sketchbook exchange. Another idea is a girly things exchange, but I don't want to leave the boys out. The last idea is an arbitrary exchange. This idea comes from reddit and all it means is that you send whatever you want, so it's sort of like secret Santa, only no Christmas. Of course, it is getting close to July, I suppose we could have Christmas in July.

Does anyone else have any ideas? Assuming of course people want to participate!