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I smoke. So f*cking what.


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I am so entirely sick of smoker haters. More than that i am sick of PARENTS who bring their kids to public places and then bitch abou tthe smoke. Here are a few instances:

Having coffee, two in the afternon coffeeshop downtown. I am sitting on the patio, as the inside of the place is non smoking. I am reading enjoying a cigarette. As I pt it out a mother and her two kids sit down at the table nearest me. The mother jumps on her cell phone and blabs away while her kids screech and run aorund the patio. Fifteen, twenty minutes later, I light another cigarette. The mom is off the phone by now, notices my cigarette and begins an exaggerated coughing jag, which I ignore.

her: excuse me, miss?
me: yes?
her: would you mind putting your cigarette out?
me: what?
her: your cigarette. You kknow the smoke Its bad for the kkids. I don't think they shold have to be exposed to that.
me: i don't think i sho ld have to be exposed to your kids yelling and obnoxious behavior but I am.
her: wha-- what?
me: i am not putting out this cigarette
her: they cause cancer
me: i already have it
her: you're alittle smart ass aren't you?
me: i don't think thats appropriate language in front of the kids. Do you?
her: they are MY kids. I make the decisions about what is and what is not appropriate for them.
me: i'll bet they will be charming adults witht he fine parenting you are exhibiting.
her: i have never met anyone as rude as you.
me: first time for everything.

i think there was a few more seconds of exchange before she gathered her little brats and left.

Also I was in a BAR one evenng and a family came in and got a booth near where i was sitting, smoking. The father asked if I wouldn't mind putting out the ciggarette I was smoking. I politely told him no, but offered to move to the other side of the bar. "Don't bother" he said, and went back to his table and proceeded to tell his children about the horrors of smoking and how i must have been poorly raised to do such a thing.

I mean, come on. Smoking is LEGAL. I don;t think I should have to ut a cig out to satisfy the whim of some holisticer than thou parent who CHOSE to brng a life into the world, buut decided they did not have to change their lifestyle. NOBODY is responsible for the health of a child aside from its guardian. I choose to smoke. I fucking love to smoke, and I WILL smoke until the cows come home.


i am feeling irritable today.