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I read guts at work to my fellow co worker...much to my regret.

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Ok ok so maybe it was a bad idea. Guts is the funniest and one of the most shocking stories I have heard. And probably will ever hear. So the story goes..

Every Friday evening at my place of work. We have what is known as a 'team brief' now to explain - this time can be spent talking about statistics or it can be used as a team building excercise. In the past we have done many things, silly things like playing shiraides (this is where you act out a film/novel/programe role without speaking. And other people have to guess.)

We were asked to come up with our own idea's for this 'team brief'. So i thought ''Hey - I know. I'll read guts to them''

Anyway. My team manager is fairly light hearted and I knew she would have found it hilareous. The problem was she calls home sick at the last minute. And another lady takes my brief. Now think of a mini hitler. Yeah that's her. Now before i begin reading I tell her. This is disgusting. It's crude. You will be offended. Are you sure you dont mind listening? Yes she say's oh so calmly - with no idea what was in store. So i begin reading.....

...And I am half way into the story. My team is in fits of laughter. Mini Hitler.. well she stops the story. She say's and I quote "Does anyone find this interesting?" everyones eyes looking at her likes she just ruined the best part.

She stops at the "even till this day, the kids thinks those arabs guy's were pretty damn smart" line.

I say "well, do you want me to stop." she replies "No". obviously only because everyone else wants to hear the rest, but leaves saying "it's not for her ears". As i predicted - she was offended. Fair enough and carry on reading...

Two minutes later. The main manger of the company, mini hitler's boss. comes round. Joseph Stalin. Saying sorry im pulling this. This kind of [U]material[/U] is not appropriate...

So i never got to finish it. Much to my teams disapointment and mine. I never told my boss that it had been published in a national news paper for all to read. I never told my boss that it had been read to me and my own mother at a book signing by the auther himself. And till this day she will probably see me as the guy who brought filth/porn to work.

To me, i think it's a great tribute to just how good a story guts is. And having them stop me read it. Only shows the stories intended purpose.

[U]There is just some things that people do not talk about.[/U]